Watch now – The Conspirator trailer

Here’s the trailer for the upcoming Robert Redford-directed period drama, The Conspirator, about the plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln, and the trial of the conspirators. The good news is what’s missing – the usual, obligatory shot of some ex-slave crying because the Great Emancipator is dead.

The bad news is that it looks suspiciously like a sympathetic and skewed view of the people behind the plot, especially Robin Wright’s Mary Surratt, who was the first woman to be executed in the United States. You know the spiel – that they were proud Southerners who supported the Confederacy because of state rights, and for freedom, not because they wanted to preserve slavery. Why, there was no such thing as slaves! Those were people worked of their own free will. In other words this could be a favorite of the Tea Party (or teabaggers as I like to call them…
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