[DVD Review] Two Weeks In Another Town

Everyone has a breaking point and for actor Jack Andrus, that point was when his wife, Carlotta, had an affair with his best friend, filmmaker Maurice Kruger. The affair landed Jack in a mental institution and ended his bright Hollywood career. When his old friend, director Maurice Kruger (Edward G. Robinson) offers him a role in his latest production, Jack, played by Kirk Douglas, leaves the institution and travels to Rome to spend Two Weeks In Another Town, working, living and trying to find his feet in the industry once again.

When he arrives on set, Jack learns that there isn’t a role for him in the film, as Kruger had promised him. The director simply wanted to get him out of the institution and back into the real world, and knew that a potential job was the only way to lure him out. To make matters worse, he discovers that his ex-wife Carlotta,
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