Indie Flick ‘Absentia’ One-Sheet & Teaser Trailer

The acting. I’d love to be excited for a horror film that has neither remake, reboot, nor sequel associated with it, unfortunately, despite its promising premise; the teaser itself is less than enticing. Sure the one-sheet boasts great reviews from a few of the more notable horror sites, and writer/director Mike Flanagan (Still Life, Ghosts of Hamilton Street, Chainsaw Sally, Oculus) says “When we had our first cast reading, we agreed that the movie functions as a serious character drama, a murder mystery, and a horror film. It's like The Shining meets You Can Count on Me.” With no definitive release date from FallBack Plan Productions, I won’t be holding my breath and I suggest you don’t either. Synopsis: Absentia tells the story of a woman whose husband has been missing for seven years, and she must now face the grim realities of declaring him "dead in absentia.
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