Dangerfield's Widow Finds Love With 93-year-old Billionaire

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Comedy legend Rodney Dangerfield's widow has fallen in love with billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, according to new U.S. reports.

Joan Dangerfield, 58, and the 93-year-old businessman first met on a blind date two years ago and now friends claim they're an item.

And, after the couple showed up arm-in-arm at broadcaster Larry King's CNN farewell party on 16 December, insiders insist wedding bells could soon be ringing.

One pal tells the Globe, "It's really love between them. Joan gushes about Kirk as if they were teenagers... we're waiting for the wedding announcement.

"Joan was lonely after Rodney died, and she just hit it off with Kirk."

Joan was devoted to her late husband until his death in 2004. Kerkorian has been married three times.

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