10 Best ‘South Park’ Episodes of All Time, Ranked by Viewers

10 Best ‘South Park’ Episodes of All Time, Ranked by Viewers
South Park’ has been one of the longest-running and most popular shows on Comedy Central since its premiere in 1997. Since then, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have released over 300 episodes (several garnering a Primetime Emmy Award) that have continuously pushed boundaries with vitriolic humor to keep audiences laughing for decades.

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From having Chef (Isaac Hayes) as South Park elementary school cafeteria staff to Eric Cartman dressing up as a robot from Mars, South Park is sure to leave viewers in stitches while commenting on some of today’s hottest social issues. You can count on this animated sitcom to cross lines and test boundaries; prepare to be offended and amused in the same episode.

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With so many episodes in the South Park archives, only time will tell if the ongoing 26th season can stand among its best.
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