Pedro Neves Marques Introduces Their Film "Becoming Male in the Middle Ages"

Pedro Neves Marques Introduces Their Film
Pedro Neves Marques's Becoming Male in the Middle Ages is now showing exclusively on Mubi in most countries starting January 25, 2023, in the series Brief Encounters.I’m constantly writing stories or poetry. Sometimes these writings lead to nothing, otherwise they’re somehow published. Occasionally they are the spark for a film, either because they challenge me visually, reveal a strong-willed character, or simply carry the emotional mood and political perspective I’m looking for.Becoming Male in the Middle Ages began as one such story. It offered the emotional substratum that I’ve been focusing my films on these days—emotion as an approach to think through politics past and present. It was, in all regards, a slice-of-life type of story, which I’m also increasingly enamored by—a certain care for mundanity and daily life, which I then inevitably disturb with a very subtle, yet hopefully poignant, speculation or even science fiction.
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