Nix - Jennie Kermode - 17993

Nix - Jennie Kermode - 17993
A child’s not very mysterious disappearance and the violent death of her father at the hands of something monstrous form the core of Nix, a structurally ambitious but performatively weak offering from prolific Sharknado director Anthony C Ferrante. Flitting back and forth in time, it deals with the loss of young Tessa (Angelina Karo) and the subsequent collapse of her family, which includes a mother who can’t let go (latterly played by Dee Wallace of E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial fame); brother Lucas, who becomes a drug addict (Skyler Caleb); boring normal brother Jack, who defaults to being the hero (James Zimbardi); and the addict’s young daughter Zoey (Niesha Renee Guilbot). Whilst they chip away at one another’s remaining ability to cope, Jack tries to protect Zoey and untangle the secrets of the past.

It all seems to hinge on a strange, Creature From The Black Lagoon-style beastie which inhabits.
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