Matt Smith Isn’t Upset About ‘Morbius’ Flopping: ‘We’re Not Saving Lives’

Matt Smith Isn’t Upset About ‘Morbius’ Flopping: ‘We’re Not Saving Lives’
For every hit movie that Hollywood releases, there’s bound to be a flop. Disappointing films are just a reality of the entertainment industry, and people who work on them quickly develop thick skins about the process. But while a studio making the occasional box office bomb is par for the course, sometimes a film fails so spectacularly that it shocks even the most seasoned industry veterans.

This year, that film was “Morbius.”

The Jared Leto vehicle pulled off the impressive feat of bombing at the box office twice in the same year. After its catastrophic initial release led to an influx of Internet memes making fun of the film, Sony appeared to mistake that mockery for genuine enthusiasm and released the film again. The second release was even less impressive, grossing less than 300 per screen on average. Altogether, the film grossed just north of 163 million globally — low for a
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