‘Moonhaven’ Hid Its Giant, Season-Ending Reveals in Plain Sight

‘Moonhaven’ Hid Its Giant, Season-Ending Reveals in Plain Sight
[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for the ending of “Moonhaven” Season 1.]

As Season 1 of “Moonhaven” is ending, an entire society hangs in the balance. A generations-long plan is starting to crumble, there’s a coup in progress, and some new arrivals are making the people of a self-contained lunar colony question pretty much everything.

Most other shows would lean into or feed off that chaos. Yet, “Moonhaven” takes some time for Earther pilot Bella (Emma McDonald) to join Paul Sarno (Dominic Monaghan) and his family in a quiet meal where they all talk about what they value and what’s to come.

“We said that a lot in the writers room, to ‘Think like a mooner,'” showrunner Peter Ocko said. “You didn’t grow up in a harsh environment, and then come to Paradise. You were born in Paradise. And so we built a fantasy version of a human that’s really in touch with themselves, but not
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