8 Best Breakthrough TV Performances of 2022, So Far

8 Best Breakthrough TV Performances of 2022, So Far
The television landscape is so sprawling and, especially these days, full of A-list actors. The rise of prestige television has given fans shows where some of our favorite movie stars are transitioning from the silver screen to the small screen. But that’s no reason to discount the up-and-coming actors that have made their mark with one specific performance.

We’re looking at eight performances that broke through the sheer abundance of TV and made us take notice. These actors didn’t just give great performances, but gave us characters who went into our hearts and transformed their respective shows into something special.

In no order, below are the 8 best breakthrough performances of 2022, so far:

1. Iman Vellani (“Ms. Marvel”)

Iman Vellani may have dressed up as Ms. Marvel for Halloween, but no amount of costumed shenanigans prepares an actor for the role of a lifetime — the role she was born to play.
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