Five Inspirations: Dash Shaw

Five Inspirations: Dash Shaw
Five Inspirations is a series in which we ask directors to share five things that shaped and informed their film. Dash Shaw's Cryptozoo is playing exclusively on Mubi starting October 22, 2021 in many countries in the series The New Auteurs.I decided to highlight five books that inspired Cryptozoo:Inspiration #1Leonora Carrington: Surrealism, Alchemy and Art by Susan Aberth

I got the Carrington Nyrb prose books too, but this art book stayed on a close shelf in my studio during the years of making Cryptozoo. Each picture is its own world, orchestrating a network of relationships. Their incomplete areas activate the imagination. To say something is "dream-like" is overused, but it applies here.Inspiration #2Walt Disney Imagineering by the ImagineersI got this when it first came out. If you're a kid growing up loving comics and cartoons, everyone really shoves Disney down your throat. My childhood dream job was to be an Imagineer.
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