Diesel to Tranform Himself for Next Riddick Film

Vin Diesel took to his Facebook page a few hours ago to talk about the latest progress on Riddick , the third film to feature the character first introduced in Pitch Black . "So the director of Riddick, my partner on Cor since the beginning, Dt...has a new challenge in store. He wants me to have 3 different body looks for this next chapter... There is the Dinorscio type, the Dom type, and the lean Furyan type... but all in the same movie, haha..." writes Diesel. "Dt" is his reference to writer-director David Twohy. And Dinorscio is Diesel's reference to Giacomo "Jackie Dee" Dinorscio who the actor played in Find Me Guilty . Physically, there's a slight difference so we get what Diesel is saying there. But really, what's the difference...
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