How Many People Are Watching Apple TV+ Anyway?

How Many People Are Watching Apple TV+ Anyway?
During Apple’s second-quarter earnings call July 27, executives declared Apple TV+ a success. The streamer’s 35 Emmy nominations, CEO Tim Cook said, “speaks to the quality of our programming and an enthusiastic reception from customers and critics alike” while the Season 2 premiere of “Ted Lasso” saw the show “continue to win over viewers with its heartwarming message about the power of community, compassion, and hope.”

As to how many subscribers are watching “Ted Lasso” win them over — well, that’s hard to say. The company’s services division, which includes Apple TV+ as well as music, games, and other subscription products, counts 700 million paid subscribers. That’s up over 25 percent from last year, and nearly four times the number of paid subscriptions four years ago. Apple TV+ launched nearly two years ago, which might suggest it’s making an impact in the company’s subscription business. To what extent, only Apple knows for sure.
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