‘Chinese Speaking Vampires’ Review

‘Chinese Speaking Vampires’ Review
Stars: Sean Eden Yi, June Lee, Brandon Lamberty, Davy Williams, Jerimiyah Dunbar, Keely Dervin, Chris Cleveland, Crystal J. Huang, Jeff McDonald, Sophia Jiang, Jon W Harris, Daniela Brown, Richard Gavigan, Aaron Bray, Anthony Lien, Rezzan Denizmen | Written by Davy Williams | Directed by Randy Kent

Aspiring actor Tony, played by the films writer Davy Williams, is desperate for a role in a Chinese production currently casting in LA. Turned down at his initial audition, Tony is told he must learn Mandarin in a month if he’s to be invited back to re-audition. With no other choice Tony signs up for classes with Gengji Ma. Only Ma is not your typical teacher, he is the last of an ancient race of Chinese vampires who were wiped out by the Japanese – a race of vampires who not only turned their victims into vampires but also turned them into Mandarin speakers!

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