Short Film Review: No No Sleep (2015) by Tsai Ming-liang

Short Film Review: No No Sleep (2015) by Tsai Ming-liang
“No No Sleep” is another entry in Tsai Ming-liang’s “Walker”-series, in which he portrays a monk walking slowly and silent through various locations. This time the monk, who is always played by Lee Khang-Sheng (“Rebels of the Neon God” 1992), sets out for Tokyo and meets Masanobu Ando in a spa.

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Let’s “Take a walk on the wild side”. The outline already gives out a promise. Whether you will take the patience to watch the film or not. There is not much movement in “No No Sleep”. Tsai Ming-liang rather manages to create a dynamic inside the singular frame. The static and suggestive compositions are undertaking the task of the usual storyteller. Although the plot is very shallow on the first sight, the director scatters certain, even sexual connotations into the relaxing and meditative mood.

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