Amp Cinema for Free: A Female Boss (1958) by Han Hyeong-mo

Amp Cinema for Free: A Female Boss (1958) by Han Hyeong-mo
About This Film

By 1959, the influence of Hollywood in Korean cinema was in full bloom, and “A Female Boss“ is a testament to the fact, something that becomes obvious even from the music and the presentation of the titles in the very beginning of the movie. However, Han Hyeong-mo’s title is not exactly a textbook romantic comedy, since the concepts of toxic masculinity (in the way Kim Ki-duk presented it decades later), the role reversal and the eventual triumph of male domination make the film stand particularly out.


Yoanna is the editor of a magazine titled “The Modern Woman” and essentially, the archetype of the modern Western woman. She is rich and successful, lives in luxury that even allows her to feed her dog expensive cake, and is a hard-core feminist (a tablet above her office even states “Women are superior to men”) who has gone as far
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