‘Agent Revelation’ Review

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‘Agent Revelation’ Review
Stars: Derek Ting, Michael Dorn, Kayla Ewell, Carole Weyers, Eve Mauro, Chris Reid, Terrance Christopher Jones, Marikah Cunningham, Matthew Ryan Burnett, Ted Briones, Maxine Bahns, Eric Mark, Cory Tucker | Written and Directed by Derek Ting

Have you ever wondered what happened to Michael Dorn after Star Trek? Me too! He’s in Agent Revelation…

Agent Revelation kicks off with some brilliant B-movie direction, approaching a house in the desert (and some sheep). Before we know what is happening, two middle aged men are chasing each other, while our B movie director does his best to make it look dynamic and exciting (he fails). Before we know what is happening. One of them is CGI effect, vomiting some blood onto the other one and some special forces types are then running him down.

We are in the future, with some sci-fi effects and some ripe acting. I do not want to
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