‘Killer Therapy’ VOD Review

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‘Killer Therapy’ VOD Review
Stars: Michael Qeliqi, Adrienne King, Elizabeth Keener, Thom Mathews, Pj Soles, Michael Dempsey, Trevor Dow, Richard Ellis, Daeg Faerch, Mickey Faerch, Nicole Marie Appleby, Skyler Caleb, Lola Davidson | Written by Barry Jay, Andrew Krop | Directed by Barry Jay

The premise of Killer Therapy is quite simple… It’s We Need to Talk About Kevin minus the magic. I wrote that line, about 20 minutes into the film, and it is broadly true but, having got an hour in, it seems churlish and unfair. Having seen the film to the conclusion, I can say this is 1 hour and 20 minutes of carefully crafted and developed film. Then 10 minutes of silly, jokeresque stabbing.

It is really disappointing to say that, because right up to the end of the film, this was going to be an extremely positive review.

Our young man Brian is from a wealthy, albeit slightly dysfunctional family. His Mum is close to him,
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