Pvt Chat

Pvt Chat
From the moment we first encounter unwell online gambler “Blackjack” Jack (Peter Vack), he is a cheerful loose cannon. In this case, it is while he is in the middle of getting his nightly kicks on an internet sex chat site. He has found his way into a video conversation with buxom black leather-clad dominatrix Scarlet (Julia Fox), who per his instruction verbally undresses a nude Jack, coaching him to an orgasmic climax in the dark of his tiny New York apartment, while writer/director/cinematographer/editor Ben Hozie’s fish-eye lens hovers over him.

Jack is the mad antihero at the heart of Pvt Chat, scheduled for theatrical release on February 5th before premiering on VOD and streaming platforms on February 9th through Dark Star Pictures. The film is currently screening as part of the Dark Star Virtual Festival, a free online event courtesy of Dark Star and Bloody Disgusting,
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