‘The Last Exorcist’ Review

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‘The Last Exorcist’ Review
Stars: Danny Trejo, Rachele Brooke Smith, Terri Ivens, Nicolas Coster, Leah Ann Cevoli, Branden Smith, Adam Horner, Melanie Brooke Sweeney, Dennis Lavalle | Written by Robin Bain, Amy Brown Carver, Lizzie Gordon | Directed by Robin Bain

I have watched too many Danny Trejo movies to know that just by having his name on the poster and physical media artwork does not guarantee a good movie. Of course, he’s been in some movies I absolutely love but his name is often used when he features for little more than seconds in a movie and I thought that would probably be the case with The Last Exorcist.

I wasn’t far wrong, to be honest but Danny Trejo’s role here could be called a little bit more than a cameo. In The Last Exorcist, we follow two sisters who have had a difficult upbringing and have neither of their parents still with them.
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