TV Awards Schedule 2020 – 2021: Key Dates for the Emmys

TV Awards Schedule 2020 – 2021: Key Dates for the Emmys
The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences released its timeline for the 2020-2021 Emmy Awards late last year, confirming what was previously suspected, with the Emmy race directly abutting the Winter TV awards season. Specifically, the entry deadline for the Emmy Awards is scheduled for May 13, not even three weeks after the ceremony for the Film Independent Spirit Awards — which, in addition to independent film, celebrated TV programming for the first time in its history.

Beyond the promise of a truly year-round TV awards cycle for 2021, nothing in particular stands out about the TV Academy’s calendar. This year’s dates largely follow the same timeline trajectory as the original schedule for 2020, before inevitable adjustments were made in consideration of global events.

The Winter TV Awards season unfolded without a hitch, laying the groundwork for several shows to enter Emmy season with a full head of steam insofar as momentum goes.
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