‘Solitary’ Review

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‘Solitary’ Review
Stars: Johnny Sachon, Lottie Tolhurst, Michael Condron, Brian Bovell, Michael Absalom, Andrew Mike Doyle | Written and Directed by Luke Armstrong

The year is 2044, there is a lot more people on the planet and they are running out of stuff… in this ambitious, sci-fi action film; which IMDb estimates it cost 10,000 pounds to make. I cannot help but appreciate the aspiration of writer, and director, Luke Armstrong. One of the most ambitious effects in Solitary, is the comb over on our heroes’ head. Issac Havelock, the name of our follically challenged hero is a superb sci-fi meta joke. As is calling the computer “Eva.”

Issac wakes up in a capsule, with a lady. Both seem to have committed serious crimes and they are floating in space above the earth. Suddenly there is an explosion, and some level of confusion.

What follows is a slow burn, mystery whodunnit as our “Adam and
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