The curse of the musical interlude

It's not that I hate songs in movies; My Fair Lady is usually a nose ahead of 2001: A Space Odyssey for the top slot in my all-time favourite films. It's not even that I hate musical interludes in movies per se, as they can provide a fascinating insight into character, or introduce a new character in a spectacular and meaningful way...

But for every musical interlude as memorable as Jessica Rabbit beguiling down-at-heel tec Bob Hoskins with 'Why Don't You Do Right?' in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), there are hundreds, if not thousands, of songs that are cynically slotted into movies to sell records, 'cover all bases' or just generally pause the plot. These are the musical interludes that follow the original 1930s principle of musical interludes: something for everyone.

It's a democratic idea, to be sure, but it's the kind of thinking that means no-one can totally
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