Frightfest 2020: ‘They’re Outside’ Review

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Frightfest 2020: ‘They’re Outside’ Review
Stars: Emily Booth, Nicholas Vince, Tom Clayton-Wheatley, Chrissy Randall, Emma Burdon-Sutton, Nicole Miners, Brad Moore | Written by Airell Anthony Hayles | Directed by Airell Anthony Hayles, Sam Casserly

As I’ve said a million times before (well it feels that often) I dislike found footage films. I often think that the use of the format is a shortcut to create horror – in particular jump scares, cut corners in terms of filming quality and, with that, storytelling. However last years Death of a Vlogger managed to do new things with the format, bringing in the facets and tropes of vlogging, YouTube videos and live-streaming to create a truly modern, cutting edge take on a film format that has, frankly, been played out in the 20 years since The Blair With Project hit it big.

Now They’re Outside continues that trend, only this time throwing in Pagan mysticism into the mix. The film follows Max Spencer,
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