They're Outside - Jennie Kermode - 16187

They're Outside - Jennie Kermode - 16187
A début feature clearly made on a shoestring budget, They're Outside is a film that has a lot of problems but is, overall, better than anyone had a right to expect. It's a piece of folk horror put together with just a handful of actors, a single apartment, a patch of woodland and little else. Writer/director Airell Anthony Hayles and co-director Sam Casserly even manage to elicit some acting from Emily Booth, a feat as yet unmatched elsewhere, in a role which presents her with a not-so-subtle opportunity to excuse some of the disasters of her earlier career.

Booth is not the star here. That role is shared by Chrissy Randall as Sarah, a bereaved, agoraphobic woman convinced that something is waiting for her in the woods outside her house, and Tom Wheatley as Max, a psychologist and self-made celebrity convinced that he can save her and capture it all for.
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