‘Legend of the Muse’ Review

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‘Legend of the Muse’ Review
Stars: Riley Egan, Elle Evans, Kate Mansi, Lou Ferrigno Jr., Max Decker, Jennie Fahn, Phil Abrams, Anthony Ray Parker, Mike Rad, Dave Vescio, Craig Gellis, Declan Joyce, Grant Walstrom, Jeanné Kietzmann | Written and Directed by John Burr

Painting and horror movies do occasionally meet and create something great. Recently Velvet Buzzsaw and Bliss have both been well received while covering the art world and blending it with some weird and twisted horror. Legend of the Muse tries to lead down a similar path.

We meet a painter, Adam (Riley Egan) who suddenly gets inspiration when he meets a ‘mythical and deadly spirit from Celtic lore who becomes his muse and lover’. His artwork starts to get noticed but the spirit brings along a whole host of other problems. Mainly that she murders people and leaves Adam to clear up the mess.

It’s a slowly paced movie that is occasionally
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