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The Santa Files with John Sergeant | Whistle and I'll Come to You | Peep Show & Tell | Wallace & Gromit Triple Bill | Sacred Music | 2012: The Final Prophecy

The Santa Files With John Sergeant

5.55pm, ITV1

Rediscovering the serious journalistic chops that characterised his pre-Strictly oeuvre, the ex-chief political correspondent of the BBC goes in search of Father Christmas. Santa's origins, it turns out, lie in Turkey 1,600 years ago when a bishop named Nicholas secretly came to the aid of a nobleman who was having trouble raising dowries for his daughters. Over the centuries, the story of Nicholas's charity spread across Europe and thence to the New World. Not that Sergeant can wholly pin down Santa: we are, after all, dealing with an elemental figure who's "magic". Jw

Whistle And I'll Come To You

9pm, BBC2

Based on an Mr James ghost story and starring John Hurt as a ex-scientist whose wife
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