‘A Nun’s Curse’ Review

‘A Nun’s Curse’ Review
Stars: Felissa Rose, Damian Maffei, Gunner Willis, Kristi Ray, Jason Vail, Erika Edwards | Written and Directed by Tommy Faircloth

“Prisoners begged for mercy…they got nun.”

In horror cinema, groups of young adults always seem to find themselves entering spooky or abandoned locations… Will they ever learn?

Opening in a palette of creepy-cool midnight blue, Ashley-Kae (Erika Edwards) retells her nighttime childhood entailing her fear of the terrifying Sister Monday (Felissa Rose) hidden under the bed, in her closet, and in her head. In the present day, however, she leads a group consisting of her sister, her sister’s boyfriend, and a classmate. At first, in Ashley being a keen photographer, the group take a stop on their travels (much to the dismay of the sister and her boyfriend), so that Ashley is able to capture a few shots for her thesis, but that isn’t her only desire. Only
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