‘Blue Story’: Film Review

‘Blue Story’: Film Review
The blockbusters will be postponed, the indie films in many cases will head straight to streaming. But even before the apple cart of movie distribution got tipped over, “Blue Story” had traced an unlikely path. , it was written and directed by Andrew Onwubolu, the London-based rapper, producer, actor, and director who bills himself as Rapman, and who spun the movie out of the short-story rap-video aesthetic he made into a YouTube sensation.

Blue Story,” an expanded version of one of his earliest efforts (from 2014), made a splash in the U.K. when it opened there in 2019, and Paramount Pictures had planned to release it in the U.S. on March 20. The release got scuttled, yet there remains an allure to the thinking behind it: the idea that “Blue Story,” a movie centered on black teenagers from South London who spit out their words in a cockney-flecked-with-Jamaican dialect so thick you
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