Vivarium – Lff 2019 Review

Vivarium – Lff 2019 Review
As any first-time homebuyer will know, finding an affordable, desirable property in today’s housing market can be an extreme ordeal. For young couple Gemma (Imogen Poots) and Tom (Jesse Eisenberg), searching for a suitable property turns into a literal nightmare when they become entrapped in a labyrinth-like neighbourhood of identical houses. Lorcan Finnegan’s sophomore feature is a surreal, unnerving minimalist sci-fi with satirical bite.

Vivarium starts with teacher Gemma and handyman Tom casually looking for their first home when they encounter bizarre estate agent Martin (Jonathan Aris). After a peculiarly enthusiastic sales pitch, the couple reluctantly agree to follow Martin to a new suburban housing development called Yonder. When Martin disappears during the tour the couple decide to hastily flee the site of this weird, completely unoccupied settlement of identical houses. Following multiple failed escape attempts, it starts to dawn on the couple that they have been trapped in this never-ending domestic prison.
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