Tom Hanks' Son Chet Slams "Ridiculous" Rumors About His Family

Tom Hanks' Son Chet Slams
No, Chet Hanks is not in the Illuminati.  In case you thought otherwise, the 29-year-old son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson took to social media late Tuesday to very frankly dispel any conspiracy theories connecting his famous family to the group.  "You motherf--kers are going to believe what you want 'cause you're already so f--king committed to your weird Internet conspiracies, but I'm not actually in the f--king Illuminati, dude," he sounded off in an Instagram video.  "I got this f--king tattoo because I'm extremely spiritual," Hanks continued, referencing the tattoo on his chest of the Eye of Providence, often used in reference to the...
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