Westworld Season 3: What We Know For (Almost) Sure

Westworld Season 3: What We Know For (Almost) Sure
Warning: contains major spoilers for Westworld season two.

Westworld’s season two finale left an eddy of questions in its wake. Some will only be answered in season three (starting this Sunday and Monday respectively on HBO and Sky Atlantic), but two years’ worth of publicity circuit interviews with the showrunners and cast over have already provided answers to the others.

We may not yet know, for instance, which five consciousness pearls Dolores smuggled out of the park, or who’s ‘driving’ the Charlotte Hale host, but we have had a steer on whether Stubbs is a host, when the Man in Black’s post-credits sting takes place, if Emily was human when she was killed and more, all straight from the horse’s mouth (or at least from a horse-adjacent mouth).

Below then, are the facts as we’ve been told they stand…

Stubbs is a host Luke Hemsworth
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