‘Inside the Rain’: Film Review

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‘Inside the Rain’: Film Review
When asked to diagnose himself early in “Inside the Rain,” Benjamin Glass, a college film student played by Aaron Fisher, cheerfully runs down a checklist: “I’m bipolar, Adhd, Ocd, borderline personality disorder… You name it, I’ve got it.” It’s a moment that is at once both amusing and unsettling — even more so if you’re aware that Fisher, who also wrote, directed and co-edited this offbeat indie dramedy, is describing his own real-life medical condition.

Indeed, knowing all that inevitably influences your response to the entire film, much of which plays like an engagingly freewheeling mix of autobiography and wish-fulfillment. Fisher, an ingratiatingly ordinary-looking fellow who could be plausibly cast as Jason Biggs’ taller and beefier kid brother, commendably refrains from making his cinematic doppelganger easily likable. Especially but not exclusively during Benjamin’s frequent manic episodes, he comes off as almost unbearably obnoxious, if not downright scary.
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