Breeders Review

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Breeders Review
As a childless twenty-something, the sight of parents struggling with their sprogs – no matter how innocent, how adorable – fills me with empathy, dread, and schadenfreude. These feelings amplify to entertained screeches when watching Breeders, Sky One’s new comedy about the undermentioned awfulness of child-rearing, created by Thick of It favourites Chris Addison and Simon Blackwell. Be warned: this could put you off having kids for a while. I haven’t felt such a staunch aversion to becoming a parent since watching Jenna Coleman carry a pram up those Sisyphean steps in BBC’s The Cry; the pain and aggravation looks like the most annoying kind of horror movie. Breeders, at least, finds the funny in the madness.

Martin Freeman, who plays fed-up father Paul, birthed the idea for the series in a dream about going upstairs to tell off his kids. This is the starting point, opening with Paul readying himself,
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