‘The Cleansing Hour’ review: Dir. Damien LeVeck [Frightfest]

‘The Cleansing Hour’ review: Dir. Damien LeVeck [Frightfest]
We’ve all seen plenty of films that deal with priests performing exorcisms. Typically they all seem to do the same thing, well that was until director Damien LeVeck’s The Cleansing Hour. Set in our modem social media and fame hungry society, we follow online ‘exorcist for hire’ Father Max (Ryan Guzman). Max headlines a series of live-streamed exorcisms on his show – The Cleansing Hour, the brain child of Max himself and his best friend Drew (Kyle Gallner). Whilst professing itself as real, the show is in truth one big hoax. That is until the series captures the attention of an actual demon. As the world watches on, Max must do battle with evil for real.

The Cleansing Hour has a great concept, one that started life as a short (also directed by LeVeck). Often scaling up short format films to feature-length causes issues, especially with plotting and pacing.
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