‘The Dark Red’ VOD Review

‘The Dark Red’ VOD Review
Stars: April Billingsley, Kelsey Scott, Conal Byrne, Bernard Setaro Clark, Rhoda Griffis, John Curran, Jill Jane Clements | Written by Dan Bush, Conal Byrne | Directed by Dan Bush

Writer/director Dan Bush and writer Conal Byrne team for the third time, following The Reconstruction of William Zero (2014) and The Vault (2017) with The Dark Red, which tells the story of Sybil – a woman who is being held against her will in a psychiatric ward because her claims are extreme. She says her newborn baby was kidnapped by a secret society to harvest its supernatural blood. She says her families bloodline means her baby has, like her, great psychic powers – including the ability to hear other people’s thoughts. Trapped on a psych ward, subject to a multitude of psychiatric sessions, she begs the doctors to let her go so she can rescue her child from the cult’s dungeons.

The question The Dark Red
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