Castlevania Season 3 Review (Spoiler Free)

Castlevania Season 3 Review (Spoiler Free)
Netflix’s Castlevania took a major gamble in its second season by killing off its main villain. But as the third season of the video game-based animated series proves, the death of Dracula is only the beginning of the vampire story expertly crafted by writer Warren Ellis, director Sam Deats, and showrunner Kevin Kolde. In fact, now unshackled from the Lord of Darkness and his monster-filled castle, Castlevania season 3 is able to explore quite a few new and interesting directions that flesh out this world like never before.

From the first episode, Castlevania season 3 feels like a completely new show, one less resembling the horror adventure of the first two seasons and more the political intrigue and war games of a prestige series like Game of Thrones. In essence, the fallen Dark Lord has left behind a power vacuum in Wallachia and the struggle that ensues takes up much of season 3’s 10-episode run.
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