Film Review: Raining in the Mountain (1979) by King Hu

Film Review: Raining in the Mountain (1979) by King Hu
King Hu’s place in the history of world cinema as the man who reinvigorated and evolved the wuxia genre is well cemented, and “Raining in the Mountain”, which was selected as one of the Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures by the Hong Kong Film Awards in 2005, is another testament to the fact.

The story is set in a remote Buddhist Monastery during the 16th century, whose ageing Abbot is about to retire and announce his successor. The Abbot invites three outsiders to advise him on the matter, but all three of them have their own agendas. Esquire Wen, a wealthy patron of the monastery, has brought with him White Fox, a legendary thief who poses as his concubine and another sidekick, to help him steal the legendary scriptural text of “The Mahayana Sutra,” hand-copied by Tripitaka. General Wang, commander-in-chief of the local military has come along his fearsome Lieutenant Chang,
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