Stuber: 5 Reasons It’s Worth Your Time (And 5 It Isn’t)

Stuber: 5 Reasons It’s Worth Your Time (And 5 It Isn’t)
Kumail Nanjiani has a strange obsession with Uber. His masterpiece The Big Sick is based on his very sweet real-life tale of how he came to marry his wife, yet it shows him as an Uber driver in the film, which never happened. On top of that, his upcoming film The Lovebirds shows him driving a car, and he claimed he wanted to only do movies where he was an Uber driver.

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At any rate, that obsession is in full force in Stuber, wherein Nanjiani plays Stu, an Uber driver who gets caught up with Victor, a brutal cop with a score to settle (Dave Bautista). Stuber is a violent and bizarre buddy comedy film with thrills, laughs, and kills galore. But it does have some lackluster elements that likely contributed to it being overlooked. In a world of cinema slowly being monopolized and homogenized by Disney,
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