James Blake Defends Girlfriend Jameela Jamil Amid "Disgusting" Lies

James Blake Defends Girlfriend Jameela Jamil Amid
The hate stops here.  It's been a rough couple weeks for Jameela Jamil, but luckily she's got her boyfriend James Blake to keep her grounded. The Good Place actress was accused by writer and producer Tracie Egan Morrissey of having Munchausen. After posting a long Instagram Stories highlight about a series of illnesses Jameela has suffered from over the years, Tracie came to the conclusion that the actress wasn't being honest about some of her life stories.  Jameela responded to the hate she was receiving online, and called Tracie an "unhinged idiot." Now, her longtime boyfriend and musician is coming to her defense in his own Twitter thread. "I would have spoken...
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