The Iron Mask Trailer: Jackie Chan Vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Ultimate Fight

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Signature Entertainment has provided action movie fans with a little gift today in the form of a new trailer for The Iron Mask. This movie has gone through quite a few title changes and has had a long, complicated road to release. But none of that really matters. The main attraction is still as desirable as ever, as this movie is set to feature Jackie Chan fighting Arnold Schwarzenegger on screen for the first time. Two of cinema's most legendary action heroes are going toe-to-toe, which would be enough on its own. Luckily, this movie also has a lot else going for it, as evidenced by the trailer.

This is actually a sequel to 2014's Forbidden Empire, aka Viy. It's had several titles during its road to release, such as Viy 2: Journey to China and The Mystery of Dragon Seal. The title, though, is somewhat irrelevant, as this trailer
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