Danny Trejo Becomes Most Killed Actor on Screen

Kirsten Howard Feb 10, 2020

Danny Trejo now holds the record for the most untimely movie deaths

Danny Trejo has racked up 398 IMDb acting credits to date – possibly by the time we hit publish on this it’ll be 432 or so - but the former champion boxer has just snagged a new celluloid honor: he's apparently been killed more times on screen than any other actor.

Buzz Bingo did the math on this achievement using Cinemorgue and IMDb. Their research revealed that Trejo has bitten the bullet (sometimes literally) a whopping 65 times in his movie acting career to date, and has now overtaken Christopher Lee as the king of being snuffed out for our viewing pleasure. So, whether your mind immediately jumps to the memory of seeing Trejo kick the bucket in the likes of Con Air, From Dusk Till Dawn or Anaconda, rest assured there are plenty more instances of his
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