Netflix, a Book, Theme Park and Two New Films- Studio Ghibli 2020 and Beyond

Studio Ghibli have been in a bit of a lull since the announcement of flag-bearing director Hayao Miyazaki’s retirement back in 2014. That sad news, however, did reveal a silver lining in 2017 when it was announced that the legendary director would come out of retirement to make a new film. Not much has since been heard regarding the prolific animation studio since, but the initial couple months of 2020 have been brimming with news about them and their future. Here, we break down everything that’s been announced regarding Studio Ghibli so far this year.

First up, the news of Studio Ghibli’s catalogue coming to Netflix across the world filled fans all round with joy. Several of the Studio’s films are often considered among the best of not just animation but cinema in general, and fans had been waiting with bated breath for them to hit the world’s biggest streaming platform.
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