‘Lamp Life’: How Bo Peep Became a Lost Toy in Pixar’s New Disney+ Short

  • Indiewire
With “Lamp Life,” the new Pixar short currently streaming on Disney+, we get the backstory of how Bo Peep became a proud and heroic Lost Toy in “Toy Story 4.” Turns out there was plenty of deleted footage to utilize by the short’s director, Valerie Lapointe (“Toy Story 4’s” head of story and co-writer), who flipped it on its head.

“I dug up all of the cut scenes that we had [from the flashback], which were sad, and I was trying to look through the lens of how Bo would look back on her life,” said Lapointe, a story artist on the Oscar-winning “Inside Out” and “Brave.” “Her personality would look back and say that she had a hard life, but she came out the other side as a better person, a better toy, she found a new way of life, and she can laugh at it. But in recounting what happened to her,
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