Gregory Blair and Pureflare Team-up for Several Upcoming Film Projects

Gregory Blair is known for his acting, writing and directing work. From the indie horror feature Deadly Revisions (2013), starring Bill Oberst Jr., to Garden Party Massacre (2017), Blair has spent years in the creative arts. Blair won an Eotm award for "Best Director of an Indie Horror Film." As well, he has won the Claw Award for "Best Screenplay" (Deadly Revisions). Blair is a Los Angeles based actor, with over seventy credits to his name. Now, Blair has teamed-up with Pureflare, for future filmmaking endeavours. Pureflare is a talent agency. Centrally based in Los Angeles and Atlanta, Pureflare has been in the filmmaking industry for fourty years. This company continues to expand in both the business and corporate environments. Together, Pureflare and Blair hope to improve the world, through the promotion of cultural diversity - with the arts. With several projects in the works, both Pureflare and Blair hope to also
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