Film Review: The Rescue (2020) by Dante Lam

Hong Kong’s highest-grossing film director, Dante Lam, returns this 2020 Lunar New Year with Eddie Peng-starring action-thriller, “The Rescue.” With over 700 million Rmb (100million Usd) and film locations in both Xiamen and Mexico, “The Rescue” claims to be the biggest Chinese production set at sea. Despite the impressive titles however, what should be a two-hour-long, tightly-choreographed dance with death slips up at the seams.

The Rescue” follows the story of the captain of an Emergency Response Unit of the Chinese Coast Guard, Gao Qian (Eddie Peng). After years of peacefully leading his all-male troop, his team suddenly gets shaken up when individual members leave, one by one — allowing beautiful, but outspoken female pilot, Fang Yuling (Xin Zhilei), to substitute them instead. While Gao must balance this new voice on his team, the single father must also care for his shy, musically-gifted son CongCong (Zhang Jingyi). Though poop jokes, bubbling romantic tension,
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