Caity Lotz Says "Everyone's Starting to Lose It" When Crisis on Infinite Earths Picks Back Up

Caity Lotz Says
Crisis on Infinite Earths may be ending tonight, but Legends of Tomorrow season five is just beginning.  In fact, while Legends of Tomorrow's season five takes place after and is greatly impacted by the events of the latest Arrowverse crossover (which currently has murdered all but seven people in the entire multiverse), it filmed long before Crisis was fully written, forcing Caity Lotz to do a little guessing.  "Our first episode took place hot off of the crossover, but I didn't even have a crossover script," she told us over the phone. "So to try to do a whole monologue about what happened during the crossover, but like, I didn't know what happens in the crossover. So reading...
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