Watchmen: 5 Things Fans Want To See In Season 2 (& 5 They Don't)

HBO’s Watchmen recently wrapped up its first season with strong support from fans and critics alike. Serving as a continuation of the graphic novel, the series follows Angela Abar (Regina King), aka Sister Night, as she investigates a conspiracy unfolding in modern-day Tulsa, Oklahoma. The questions of what makes a hero and why do we wear a mask, both literal and figurative, permeates throughout the series.

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The first season answers all of these questions, creating a self-contained story that deals with pain and healing in a very raw manner that struck a chord with audiences. While series creator Damon Lindelof has indicated he isn’t sure if he would want to return for a second season, HBO is almost certain to renew the series. Below are 5 things fans want to see and 5 they don't
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