Film News: Get Your Xmas Films on with ‘Pat & Ken At the Holidays’

Chicago – It’s the Eve of Christmas Eve, and what better time to figure out what the holiday film what-to-watch list will be. Enter “Pat & Ken At the Holidays,” featuring Patrick McDonald of and his faithful companion Ken Candela, whose off-kilter commentary has blessed him with the nickname, The Movie Wag.

Since 2009 on their YouTube channel, the holiday duo has been assessing the myriad numbers of Christmas-themed films … old, new and weird. Embedded below is an example from 2019, “The Hollywood Palace.’ In the tumultuous and divisive year of 1968, ABC-tv turned to its old pal Bing “Der Bingle” Crosby and his second family to get the nation through its year of riots, assassinations and war, with a Christmas TV special for the ages. Ho ho ho …

For the rest of the 2019 line up, click the appropriate link …

A Christmas Carol” (1984) With George C. Scott as Scrooge, click here.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
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