’30 Nights (of Sex to Save Your Marriage)’ Review

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Stars: Johnny Giacalone, Mandy Kaplan, Dan Fogler, Alyssa Brayboy, Chris Butler, Lyric Lewis, Melody Peng | Written by Tom Metz III, Johnny Giacalone, Mandy Kaplan | Directed by Tom Metz III

30 Nights (of Sex to Save Your Marriage) tells the story of Willa and Nick who, in a last ditch effort to save their marriage, visit a renowned, yet eccentric, couples therapist and embark on a month-long journey of provocative and hilarious sex assignments.

A sex comedy? In this day and age of outrage culture and political correctness? They’ve said you couldn’t make American Pie in this day and age and some would say you couldn’t make this kind of film today. But producer, co-writer and co-star Mandy Kaplan did and the result is actually a remarkably refreshing look at married life, something akin to Judd Apatow’s This is 40 (the target audience is definitely the same for example
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